Mobile Firewood Processor

For hire throughout Argyll and Lochaber

 Available for hire with one or two operators throughout Argyll and Lochaber. We offer a unique service in this part of Scotland. The processor can handle large volumes of wood in a relatively short time. Ideal for those who want a supply of wood for their stove, gasification boiler or biomass system

 Our mobile firewood processor can be powered by either its own petrol engine or tractor PTO shaft so is ideal for taking off-site to where the timber is. It cuts lengths with a diameter of up to 14 inches (36cm) and has a two or four-way splitting axe. 

 Split wood can be loaded directly into 1 cubic meter bags, a trailer, a shed or into a huge pile for you to move into storage at your leisure
Output from the processor is generally between 3-6 cubic meters per hour. The higher rate is normal when processing softwood lengths at 3m length and 10-12" diameter into split wood at 12" long into a pile

 Our mobile firewood processor is ideal to set-up and process firewood at a customer's property. Given the high output this machine can achieve our service is aimed at small woodland owners wishing to transform low value lots of timber into high value firewood or at domestic customers who use firewood as their main fuel and wish to have a year's supply cut and split well in advance of being used.

Hire Rates

  • 1/2 Day £180
  • Day hire £280
  • Week hire (5 days) £1200

All hire rates include machine + operator + petrol. A second operator will cost an extra £75/day.  Travel from Benderloch is included in the price, but we start the hire at 8:00 AM from Benderloch unless agreed in advance.

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