Incredibly versatile, our Woodmizer Hydraulic LT20 Mobile sawmill is very popular especially with customers who have logs that they would like to see milled instead of just turned into firewood.
We like small jobs. Many commercial mills won't look at milling single logs, whereas we like to see small lots turned into something the customer can find many uses for

The LT20 cuts logs up to 80 cm in diameter and 6.1m long with the standard bed. All cutting functions are controlled accurately by the Setworks computer and the  thin-kerf blades mean very little waste on even the smallest logs.

Log handling is completely hydraulic, i.e lifting, turning, levelling and clamping. This means much more time spent milling instead of handling.

We are regularly milling hardwoods and softwoods and have a small supply of oak, beech, birch, larch and douglas fir in various sizes for sale.

Hire rates for the sawmill+operator  start from £50/hr.  

Many jobs need custom pricing because there are so many variables

For off the shelf stock pricing check out the regularly updated Price list